Your Book of "Yes"

Definition: Human Trafficking is coercing, moving and exploiting its victims for financial gain.

It is a global and generational issue all at the same time. Why, because organized crime groups can work in the shadows and move seamlessly around the world to facilitate the movement of humans for their personal gain. Despite being a global issue, it is happening in neighbourhoods all across the world. And, probably yours.

Why? In Canada, eighty-nine (89) percent of human trafficking comes from within our borders. Scary thought. And, sixty (60) percent of victims are under the age of 18 years old.

Yes, even scarier!

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Know Your Truth

Conventional wisdom: focus on the goal and keep it in mind as you work toward it. 

Unconventional wisdom: divorce yourself from the outcome. 

Easier said than done!

How is one suppose to achieve the end goal by divorcing oneself from it?

First, this logic is not suggesting that you should not have goals or to not visualize your future. On the contrary, visualize and create a detailed canvas of what you want to achieve. Make it as real as you can. Make it the full sensory experience. Train your mind to believe it.

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John WitzingComment
Concrete Wall Principle

Running long distance is akin to painstakingly poking my eye with a stick repeatedly.

True story.

My background in running saw me sticking to the shortest possible distance to be covered in the fastest amount of time. The thought of doing anything more was not pleasant, although several coaches had tried to convince me otherwise. I hated the thought of gravitating to something as long as a 1500 meter race! It is odd to say that now because for years I've concentrated my running on nothing less than 10 kilometres. 

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