Know Your Truth

Conventional wisdom: focus on the goal and keep it in mind as you work toward it. 

Unconventional wisdom: divorce yourself from the outcome. 


Easier said than done!

How is one suppose to achieve the end goal by divorcing oneself from it?

First, this logic is not suggesting that you should not have goals or to not visualize your future. On the contrary, visualize and create a detailed canvas of what you want to achieve. Make it as real as you can. Make it the full sensory experience. Train your mind to believe it.

So then why I am I suggesting that you divorce yourself from the outcome? As most will already know, success is not a straight line. There are plenty of bumps in the road and the path is a winding road to whatever it is you want to achieve. Success has multiple stops along the way. Even when we have a specific idea about what we want, no perfect plan will materialize perfectly. We should all be prepared for the unexpected stops along the way and enjoy them for what they are. 

Divorcing yourself from the goal is really about the strength of your own belief in achieving them. And, this starts with knowing your truth. Said a different way, that is having strength of conviction, self belief and the confidence that you will do what it takes to leave everything on the line in your pursuit. To know your truth is to know your heart and the reasons behind why you are chasing the goal. With this knowledge, you can focus more on the act of doing then the rhetoric of talking about it. Like our recent podcast guest and friend, Mike Doherty of Dohjo Muay Thai says, have a 'go first' mentality. 

The cool thing is when focused on consistently, the 'doing' part is where the magic happens. Consistency is critical. When approached with discipline, self awareness and a willingness to improve, the act of 'doing' will produce results. 

Maybe those results will look exactly as originally as envisioned. Maybe they'll be better or maybe a little off, but in the end when the act of doing it is the daily focus, you can't go wrong. 

Have eyes wide open, pay attention to your thoughts and just go about doing it daily. 


"In the end, 

Truth always prevails".


- John 




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