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Exploring the human struggle and people who've come out the other side.

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Episode 11

Sex Slavery survivor, author, speaker and social advocate, Timea Nagy immigrated to Canada in 1998. Her nightmare unfolded in Toronto in that same year after arriving from Budapest, Hungary in the hopes of finding meaningful employment. The daughter of a Hungarian policewoman, Timea was held in a cheap motel at the hands of traffickers. She was forced to work in the sex industry. Thankfully, she escaped and started her healing journey.

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Episode 10

Fresh off his third place finish at the Eastern Ontario Strongman competition, RJ Kayser returns to the studio to discuss his new book “21 Mindset Challenges for Unlocking Your Maximal Potential: Tactics to Forge an Unbeatable Mind”. The book launched the day of the recording is available on Amazon for immediate download. 

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Episode 09

A rockstar of a guest, Stephanie Atkinson shows us how to tackle adversity head on by staying in the moment and continuing to develop and explore the world. Stephanie's time is filled with an extremely busy schedule that includes being a volunteer firefighter, teaching emergency medical first aid, fitness training, motocross and travelling to volunteer with services such as LifeFlight of Maine.

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Episode 08

With seven weeks of preparation behind them, Josh and John tackled the 50K Ultra at Bear Mountain State Park in New York as a part of the North Face Endurance Series. The guys discuss their training and preparation approach, the race itself, and what is next.

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Are you using age as an excuse to not go after the things you want? Stop the excuses and listen to Jay Corcoran, who doesn’t use age as a deterrent from obtaining the goals he has! We call him ‘Benjamin Button’ because he ages like a fine wine getting better every year. When most people are retiring from their sport as professional, Jay was doing the opposite and walking through different doorways. 

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Mike Doherty, owner of Dohjo Muay Thai and athlete with over 30 fights to his resume, lives a principle driven life to structure the success of others. He is a proponent of the human growth mindset and in this podcast he imparts his wisdom on the importance of training in three areas: physical, mental, and technical. At the core, he continues to develop himself and believes that one must be committed to lifelong learning in all of these aspects.  

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Former pro motocross racer, Greg Poisson talks about growing up with a singular focus to live the lifestyle of being a top level athlete. The hyper-focus kept him away from broadening his sight lines to the world around him and from taking an introspective look at himself. After almost 20 years of dedicating his life to motocross, he walked away from the sport. This period of his life was confusing; he discovered he was dealing with an undiagnosed mental health issue; bipolar disorder.

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Writer, blogger, nutritionist, avid reader, and national level strongman, RJ Kayser aka “Reggie King”, explains the mental game of strongman training and how it carries over into life. In order to develop yourself as a high-end athlete, it comes down to willing your mind to do anything. RJ mentions that improving this psychological aspect of your training can mean having the leading edge. 

Episode 03: John Witzing

episode 03

Co-host of The Whiteboard Project podcast, John Witzing, dives into his beliefs behind how he continues to evolve himself as a human being.  A big topic of discussion is about the limits of human potential and the mission to discover stories from people and uncover the insights they’ve used to strive for better. One big issue...

Episode 02: Josh Chessman

episode 02

Co-host of The Whiteboard Project podcast, Josh Chessman, dives into his beliefs behind how he continues to evolve himself as a human being. Subscribing to the old adage that you become more like the people you surround yourself with, he’s used this approach to learn from the people he admires in order to achieve success. This approach...

Episode 1.jpg


Amateur Strongman competitor, Josh Chessman and amateur Endurance athlete, John Witzing dive right into the first episode of their newly created podcast, The Whiteboard Project. No fancy introductions or slick music, the boys get straight down to discussing how this endeavour all began two years prior. At that time they were doing something they called...