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There is no better place to explore the whitespace opportunities than nature. We want to get you off the road and take you down trails not often travelled. We want you to explore new spaces and find yourself in the process. We’re actively planning the launch of Locked + Loaded 100. Stay informed and get event notifications. More details coming soon.

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Ultra trail. Ultra fun.

5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 80K, 100K, 160K. a size for everyone.

We don’t want to simply appeal to the ultra ultra runner. We respect those folks! They’re badass and impress the hell out of almost everyone. We want to challenge regular runners to move from the road to the trail. Take in the fresh air. See new sites. Feel your lungs burn because you’re trying to hold a road race pace on unrelenting terrain. This event will showcase some of Ontario’s best trail and lush forest, giving a nice selection to every runner regardless of their background.

The venue.


In the 1600’s, French Explorers identified Ganaraskè as one of several important sites when Ontario was a thick forest and the only road was a foot-path. Ganaraskè was located at the foot of the Ganaraska historic trail which led from the north shore of Lake Ontario to Rice Lake.  It was the most used and shortest carrying (portage) route to areas further north including the Peterborough area and northern interior (chain of Kawartha Lakes). During that time the Ganaraska area was covered in mature forests (pines and hardwoods). While much changed over the years due to immense urban development, The Ganaraska Forest became the first large-scale conservation program on the Oak Ridges Moraine, making it the largest forest in southern Ontario and the perfect playground for endurance athletes. The LOCKED + LOADED 100 will bring a world class Ultra Trail event to endurance athletes looking for a fun race done in a festival style setting.

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opening in early 2019.

There is still a lot of planning and details to figure out to pull off the first ever LOCKED + LOADED 100. We are exploring the landscape, getting connected with the trails and the locals who know them well. We’ll assemble a team of experts to map out a course that challenges every runner, regardless of experience. Our end goal is to create a memorable experience by having a well thought out course, solid event production, and a strong community feel. After all, we are trail runners too.

Stayed tuned for more.

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