SpartanUp! Podcast - Episode 216

Imagine 24 hours locked in isolation in a completely dark shipping container competing to see who can run the furthest on a TrueForm treadmill. Retired United States Marine, Major Brian Chontosh (aka “Tosh”) and three others (John Witzing, Josh Chessman, and Isaiah Vidal ) accepted this challenge to raise awareness around mental health with the Whiteboard Project’s LL24h. The recipient of one of the highest military honors: the Naval Cross- Tosh, has shown unmatched fortitude in combat and combating the stigmas around post-traumatic stress. Jump in the shipping container with us as we learn how to “suck a little less each day.” In this episode, Joe Desena interviews Tosh before he enters the shipping container, and then all 4 athletes the moment the box is unsealed.