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Active lifestyle champions.

We are on a mission to help people Live Better by helping them challenge their understanding of human capacity, inspiring them to do more. We live and breath the active lifestyle space. We walk the walk. We've put our feet to the fire, many times.

We’ll put our feet to the flame many more times.

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A humble, passionate, courageous group, hungry to help you.

Live Better.

We are a collective of experts in different disciplines. But first and foremost, we are all Active Lifestyle Champions. We believe that without health, we have nothing and can be good for no one. Being active and tackling adversity head on is something we all thrive on. For varying reasons. We relish the opportunity to grow from the lessons extracted from sport and adventure based pursuits. We harness this growth to help others do the same. This is our team.


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John Witzing

Founder + mission architect

3x Ironman + endurance athlete + skydiver. John enjoys exploring how the mind and body reacts in our natural environments (under water, in the sky, rock climbing, or trail running through a forest), in order to help others overcome obstacles that come their way throughout life. Professionally, he is a strategic marketer and communications professional who embraces adversity, tackling new challenges and complex issues head on. He founded The Whiteboard Project to help people live a more active and wholistic lifestyle by connecting them with relevant brands, events, and lifestyle media.


Josh Chessman


A skilled personal trainer + owner of 24 Seven Family Gym. Josh is a self described experimentalist. He is known to tackle new challenges that take him outside his comfort zone. He believes being uncomfortable is the only way to get comfortable with whatever life throws at us.


Christian Papist


A creative by nature, Christian is adventurous, driven and inspired by being part of great teams, implementing innovative and effective communications campaigns, and measuring the impact the executions have on an organizations success. Christian's specialty is logo & brand identity design & corporate communications.




An adventurer at heat, Pawel provides video and photographic production services including post production and aerials to commercial, corporate and editorial clients. His group operates in scalable, agile and highly skilled teams that deliver a comprehensive product based on the clients' needs.


Always looking for collaborators.

If anything we are doing vibes with you, reach out. We are looking for experts in the areas of Physical Training, Nutrition, Content Development, Media Production, and Event Production. If you got something to offer, get in touch.

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