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Constructively discontent.

Our work is never done. Which doesn’t mean we should not acknowledge and celebrate our successes. We simply believe that we don’t achieve our goals and then coast the rest of the way. There is always more opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. This is true in business, building brands, our personal relationships, and our physical and mental health.

There is always a whitespace opportunity, we just need to explore them.


The origins.

The Whiteboard Project was originally established as an idea to hold the collaborators behind it accountable to themselves and the people they serve. The whiteboard was an essential tool.

Today, whiteboards are used everyday all across the world. People everywhere gather around whiteboards to brainstorm solutions to problems and complex issues. They are used to outline goals, objectives, milestones and plans of action. People gather there in isolation or within a team environment to explore the whitespace. To discover where the opportunities are, to turn over a new leaf, forging a new pathway or direction for the road ahead.

The whiteboard conjures up opportunity and belief that we can all do a little better. That there is work yet to be done. That we can push a little harder. And, fundamentally, that we can all do our part to leave the world in a better place.



Bettering humanity.


We want to inspire people to be better than yesterday. We do that by working with brands and businesses who’s focus is helping them to stay physically and mentally fit. We want to help consumers resolve the pain points in their life by representing brands that truly benefit them. We are a collaborative of Strategic Marketers, Designers, and Content Development Experts. We live and breath the active lifestyle space, making us a great partner in shaping long range strategic vision, developing Go-to-Market plans, and managing the execution.

We curate active lifestyle content to help you succeed in life outside of business. Without health, we have nothing. The only solution to the health related diseases is getting physically fit, eating right, and taking care of our mental well-being. No band-aid solution will resolve that. We all require a steady stream of information to help us. The Whiteboard Project fulfills this through our LOCKED + LOADED events, Workouts, Podcast, and other Lifestyle Media. The only way to be good for others, is to take care of yourself.



A humble, passionate, courageous group, hungry to help you Live Better.

Check out our team profiles and see the various experts working to make this possible.

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