How It All Began

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Amateur Strongman competitor, Josh Chessman and amateur Endurance athlete, John Witzing dive right into the first episode of their newly created podcast, The Whiteboard Project.

No fancy introductions or slick music, the boys get straight down to discussing how this endeavour all began two years prior. At that time they were doing something they called the Whiteboard Workouts as a way to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Each workout began with a blank slate; regardless of the previous effort each new workout brought about a bigger challenge to endure. Through friendly competition and the camaraderie of suffering in training together, the boys set about creating The Whiteboard Project [TWP].

The Whiteboard Project explores the topic of human potential and the people who’ve broken through the barriers to achieve their goals despite the obstacle. At the core of this endeavour is the inherent principle of adaptation by subjecting oneself to new problems to overcome. We are at an interesting time in our society, yet there are still so many places where we can do better as humans. The podcast will search for insights by interviewing people from all walks of life who have faced challenges and overcome them despite the circumstances. The belief is that by learning from others, we can all do infinitely more than we could alone.

Despite the origins of this endeavour, “Whiteboards” are a place we visit to solve problems. They are a place where new ideas, strategies and plans can be brainstormed. They are a place where measurable objectives and timelines can be established to hold oneself accountable. Whether you want to improve your fitness, diet, finances, education, or relationships, writing your game plan down is a starting point for achieving success. To help you in your own personal journey, expect to hear from guests that come from all walks of life who have gotten from point ‘A’ to ‘B’ by overcoming something that stood in their path.

Josh and John are interested in the perpetual pursuit of challenging oneself to grow from adversity. It’s a big field of play and our guests will help us all become better through their personal stories of overcoming challenge.

It’s a New Day. Let’s begin.

Lee Brennan