Josh Chessman

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Co-host of The Whiteboard Project podcast, Josh Chessman, dives into his beliefs behind how he continues to evolve himself as a human being.

Subscribing to the old adage that you become more like the people you surround yourself with, he’s used this approach to learn from the people he admires in order to achieve success. This approach comes from the realization that when people are better than you, do what it takes to learn from them because it is always going to pay out in the end. Through that process, even when you are going all out or stretching beyond the comfort zone, sometimes you are going fail, but that is just a part of it.

Known as an ‘all in’ kind of guy, Josh illustrates how he uses this discipline to stay committed to never settling for the status quo. Coincidentally, he uses this approach to discover new ways to challenge himself and others he comes in contact with. Through his many physical pursuits, Josh talks about the things he’s learned to rewire the hardware in order to keep pushing the limits to grow.

Episode two is simple introduction to one half of The Whiteboard Project to archive how this endeavor began and where his thinking was at the time.

The journey is just beginning, and this is a good warm-up.

Lee Brennan