John Witzing

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Co-host of The Whiteboard Project podcast, John Witzing, dives into his beliefs behind how he continues to evolve himself as a human being.

A big topic of discussion is about the limits of human potential and the mission to discover stories from people and uncover the insights they’ve used to strive for better. One big issue openly discussed is how society spends too much time tearing people down versus building people up. And, the concept that when we sell ourselves and others short we undermine the potential we all have. By focusing inward on making steady improvements over yesterday, we better ourselves and the people around us.

In order to discover that untapped potential, John believes we need to approach each day with the attitude of ‘it’s a new day and a blank slate’. With that comes the ability to place ourselves in extremely difficult situations to challenge ourselves to overcome the obstacles in the way. When we face the elements, we grow through the adversity. To achieve success, we have to conquer that inner voice that tells us we are not capable of doing it.

Success is in the doing. Model cars not included.

Lee Brennan