RJ Kayser

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Writer, blogger, nutritionist, avid reader, and national level strongman, RJ Kayser aka “Reggie King”, explains the mental game of strongman training and how it carries over into life. In order to develop yourself as a high-end athlete, it comes down to willing your mind to do anything. RJ mentions that improving this psychological aspect of your training can mean having the leading edge.

What was once a method of documenting Strongman; blogging topics such as training logs, making implementations of how to train strongman, has transitioned into a much more polished, sophisticated and articulated approach. RJ has two articles published in Readers Digest and is a first time author with his book titled “Seasons of Strongman.” He has continuously fine tuned his skill set as a writer and has developed an authoritative presence on Google Search.

He is on a lifelong path of self growth with a soft spot for his dog Meesh, loves spending time reading, reviewing podcasts and learning. He also is a provider, by being a nutrition backbone and cook for his family. From his emphasis on relationships, diverse training abilities, to the origin of his last name - RJ Kayser is Strongman.

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