Greg Poisson

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Former pro motocross racer, Greg Poisson talks about growing up with a singular focus to live the lifestyle of being a top level athlete. The hyper-focus kept him away from broadening his sight lines to the world around him and from taking an introspective look at himself. After almost 20 years of dedicating his life to motocross, he walked away from the sport. This period of his life was confusing as he discovered he didn’t know who he was and that he was dealing with an undiagnosed mental health issue; bipolar disorder.

Since being away from the sport, Greg has focused his life on living in the moment and learning how to enjoy the present. Greg has focused his personal battle with bipolar disorder to help young people recognize the signs related to mental health. He’s currently working on a project to highlight mental health in a real and honest way to reach young people within his community.

After several years away from motocross, Greg returns to racing in 2018 with a healthy mindset and more well-rounded approach to balancing life as an athlete. He’s been working hard to get back in shape and is looking forward to getting back onto the local circuit. Greg’s love for bikes is undeniable and took an honest look inward to really understand what he loved.

Lee Brennan