Persevere vs. Endure

Maybe you want to argue and say ‘Persevere’ is more powerful. Maybe you want to say I’m wasting time splitting hairs. Most likely, I don’t care. I’m going into the box with an attitude of “Bring It”. I am actively refusing to build expectations or set targets. I intend to stay in tune with effort and performance.

Endure vs Persevere

The words are synonymous with each other with very little subtlety in difference of definition. Yet, I find that when I phrase things in my head from ’Endure’ it evokes a higher order of resolve; for me. Either way, there is a power when one choses to stay connected, accepts what is rational, identifies with the process, and thrives. It is a departure from “I’m just holding on. Holding on with everything that I have, I am submitting and waiting for it to be over.” This trail of thought/emotion leads to exasperation or desperation; both most often in sequence.

Brian “tosh” Chontosh